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Since its inception, So Klose has been receiving overwhelming responses from the single elites within the local communities.   Due to the positive recognition for elite dating services, So Klose’s client base is expanding mainly through word-of-mouth referrals.  Now, 40% So Klose’s new clients are referrals by their friends (i.e. So Klose’s successful matching couples). 

自緣來這麼近成立初期至今 本港各界單身精英反應皆非常熱烈。 由於客户給予精英約會服務正面的評價及肯定、口碑載道, 使緣來這麼近的客戶群不斷擴大。現時,40%緣來這麼近的新客戶主要是透過成功配對客户的口碑轉介。

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  • 05 Dec 2014 7:52 AM | Anonymous
    Thank you very much for your kind and patient assistance all along.

    So Klose has been a very professional matchmaker by providing tailor-made and right-to-the-point dating advices to her members. Also, So Klose is good at identifying personality traits within a short interview of half an hour and recommending potential matches accurately. In addition, their efficient arrangement in setting up dates is just like an all-round personal secretary serving her boss. All in all, my personal experience with So Klose not only enables me to make friends with many elegant ladies who share common values and hobbies with me, but also provides the foundation for me to improve myself to be a better man, a better boyfriend, a better husband and even a better father in the future.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Mr E, 30+
    Civil Servant

  • 15 Nov 2014 7:49 AM | Anonymous
    I just wanted to thank you all again for what you do. Mr B and I did get married in May 2014, we have been married ½ year. We have a wonderful life and family together and if we were not joining your service 4 years ago we would not have found each other. We thank you again so much for your service!

    Ms N, 30+, American born Chinese

  • 03 Sep 2014 8:09 AM | Anonymous

    Dear So Klose Team
    I am happy with So Klose and I think your service and the "quality" of the pool of your male members is good.
    Keep it up!

    Ms K, 30s


  • 02 Jul 2014 8:14 AM | Anonymous

    Dear Carolyn

    Hope things are good!  Happy to say I am in relationship with Ms Y. Thanks for encouraging her to try me out!  I don't know how far we will go but will keep you posted.

    Thanks so much!

    Mr Z, 40+, British born Chinese


  • 23 Apr 2014 8:03 AM | Anonymous

    I do very very much appreciate So Klose's arrangements. I am particularly impressed this time because I know that my membership has expired and you still follow through and arranged this date for me. I think this is very professional. Many thanks and have a nice weekend!

    Ms R, late 20s

    Marketing Manager

  • 17 Feb 2014 7:47 AM | Anonymous
    Dear So Klose Team,

    Sorry for late reply! And I'm glad to inform you that I'm currently developing a serious relationship with a member I met here before. Could you please help to freeze my account? Thank you!

    Please accept my sincere gratitude for your help in the previous year! Hope to bring you guys some good news in the near future :)

    Best Regards,
    Ms N, mid-20s
    Event Management Executive

  • 20 Nov 2013 7:44 AM | Anonymous
    很感謝So Klose的介紹! 自我們今年初相識以來一切都進展很順利! 我們將於2014年1月9日結婚!
    謹祝So Klose鴻圖大展, 造就更多美好姻緣

    Mr A and Ms C

    Secondary School Teacher & University Teacher

  • 16 Oct 2013 7:41 AM | Anonymous
    Dear Carolyn and team,

    Thank you so much for your help and I met Mr R finally ! Enjoying the moments with him everyday , hope everything will go smooth in the future.

    Carolyn and Alison, both of you are very kind and professional. I am so glad to get your advice and assistant. I Sincerely thanks for your help.

    Hope every members in SoKlose can find their Mr/ Ms Right under your assistance !

    I wish a brisk business for you all and a successful development in SoKlose everlasting!

    Thank you so much ! Lets keep in touch !

    Yours sincerely ,
    Ms C, 20+
    University Centre Manager

  • 10 Apr 2013 7:38 AM | Anonymous
    Thanks for mail! I am glad I joined your services and I liked Ms B very much. She was natural, unaffected, genuine, interesting and very good fun. All the dates have come pretty fast so I think I need a bit of time to see what happens! I am very happy joining your services with no regrets.

    Mr X, 50+, European

    International School Headmaster

  • 06 Mar 2013 7:37 AM | Anonymous

    Thank you very much for setting up the date. I am sorry my responses are so late . I have been really busy with work and I have some travel upcoming. The "date" with Ms Li was excellent. We hit is right away and we talked and talked for long time. we have a lot of common topics to speak on and I really liked the way she opened up and spoke about her past relationships and her views in life.

    I would like to meet her again for lunch or dinner. I already contacted her as we shared business cards during our date.

    Thank you again.
    Mr L, 40+, Asian
    Finance Director, PhD

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