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Basic Package (3-month, 6-month & 12-month)  

Basic Package provides you personal introductions based on our members’ database.  Our members’ database is made up of single members from professionals, executives, and entrepreneurs who have all been interviewed and are seriously looking for a partner. Their ages range from 20s to 50s.  Once you joined the basic plan, you will be introduced to our members from members’ database.  We will consult you for your advices on the screening.

The Plan

o   3 months, or 6 months or 12 months membership

o   Prices are set subject to gender and ages (Pls refer to the below pricing table)

These services include:-

o   Profile assessment

o   Client profile design

o   Anonymity and total discretion at all times

o   Client services and administration

o   Meeting venue arrangement and booking

Pricing Philosophy收費理念                                      

So Klose adopts an pricing model with the focus on the age and the gender.  An index (0 - 100) is used to evaluate the effort required to successfully match a couple. That is the higher the index, the more effort is required. The hypothesis is based on:                                           

「緣來這麽近」的收費模式是根據配對的難度而定, 而難度則取決於顧客的年齡與性別. 由指數(0100)代表配對難度, 難度愈高指數愈高(100代表最高難度, 0即沒有難度).             根據經驗,「緣來這麽近」假設:                                          

(1) The effort index is proportional to the age 配對難度與年齡成正比.                         

(2) Comparing females and males with same age, under 30, females have a lesser effort index; while over 30, males have a lesser index 在同年齡的男女中, 30歲以下女性的配對難度比男性低, 30歲以上女性的配對難度比男性高.                                        

The effort index can be depicted as follows 難度指數與年齡及性別的關係可從下圖演譯        

The pricing model is then developed by converting the effort index into price as shown below.   「緣來這麽近」的收費政策是將收費與難度指數掛鈎                     


3-Month Basic Package

No. of introduction: 3


Service Period: 3 Months

If the no. of introduction cannot be achieved within the service period, the clients are allowed to extend the service period for another 3 months. Only one extension is allowed. Non-refunable.

6-Month Basic Package

No. of introduction:  6         


Service Period:  Six Months 

If the no. of introduction cannot be achieved within the service period, the clients are allowed to extend the service period for another six months.   Only one extension is allowed.        

12-month Basic Package

Minimum no of introduction : 6        

Maximum no. of introduction: No restriction       

Minimum charge :    $5,000

Service Period:  One year    

一年約會收費價目表(次數冇局限, 但保證6)  

最低消費 : HK$5,000

The min. no. is guaranteed. If not achievable within the service period, the clients can choose to extend the period until the min. no. is fulfilled. Please note that the max. no. is not guaranteed.

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